Fibion at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2016
Fibion at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2016. Thank you for the interest!
Benefits of Improved Activation
Benefits of Improved Muscle Activation

Importance of maximal activation for weight loss Muscle activation related to muscle mass, fat burning and weight loss. Maximal activation is critical in shaping of the body composition as only those parts of the muscle that has been activated can adapt. In addition, with maximal activation higher force can be produced enabling greater mechanical and metabolic loading of the muscle. This,...

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Secrets of Connective Tissue Adaptation
Strength Training and Connective Tissue Adaptation

Gender differences in strength training –series 4/6 Connective tissues and training Adaptation of tendons to training gets way too little attention. It’s hard to find reasoning as development of tendons and other supportive tissue is just as important if not even more important than development of muscle mass and strength. Damaged or inflamed tendons basically prevent all training. Men and women...

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Do Women Really Gain Muscle Mass as Fast as Men
Gender Differences in Muscle Growth

Gender differences in strength training –series 3/6 It is often said that for women it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass. So is this really true? Well it’s very simple – it’s just not true! Several studies indicate that in the early stages of training muscle mass increases in women as fast as in men, if the exercise intensity is...

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Professor Sulin Cheng lecturing in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fibion Inc. Start Collaboration

Fibion Inc. is proud to announce a new R&D collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). SJTU is one of the top three universities in China and it has established a new top research center this year, called Exercise, Health and Technology Center (EHT) ( The Head of the new research center Professor Sulin Cheng is excited about the collaboration...

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Practical Tricks for Women to train Effectively Blog Series
Women’s Strength Training – Practical Tricks

Gender differences in strength training –series 2/6 In the early stages of training men and women can achieve similar rate in the strength development. In general, however, men are training proportionately with much larger weights than women very soon. This is often because women tend to do training too gently, while men are waving weights that are even too heavy for their...

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Gender Differences in Strength Training
Gender Differences in Strength Training -series

Training of men and women often differ, even if the goals are the same - stronger, firmer and more muscular body. Men often lift heavy iron while women use light barbells. Still it is said that men and women should train exactly the same way. There needs to be no major differences in training between men and women, but what...

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Timo Haikarainen is a new Guest Blogger on
Personal Trainer Timo Haikarainen is a new Guest Blogger on

Fibion proudly introduces its new visiting blogger Timo Haikarainen who has long experience from personal training and coaching but also holds a Master’s degree is Sport Sciences and continually aims to bring latest scientific knowledge to practise. Timo has studied biology of physical activity in University of Jyväskylä, where he graduated from 2008 majoring in Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing....

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The First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 4)

The current fitness ideals strive for perfection. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the truth is that most of us travel on a scale somewhere between perfection and lousiness unable to keep up with extreme demands. In the event that striving for perfection makes you depressed, I want you to embrace your normality/averageness. I want you to do...

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The First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 3)

The modern work culture thinks our bodies are a joke. The worst enemies for everyday exercise are our chairs, cars, televisions, computer, elevators, escalators, and our overall busy lives. Has our innate need for comfort selected a sitting society as its undisputed favorite way to live? There are, fortunately, many friends of everyday activity including: bicycles, sidewalks, trails by lakes,...

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The First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 1)

“Natural” is the ‘in’ word and current trend. Perhaps the popularity of “natural” stems from a certain form of yearning; yearning for “the old days”, when people lived in harmony with the land and the land was respected and directed our decisions every day. At the same time, this popularity describes our true life. We no longer feel that we are...

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The Technological Revolution

The mind is smart - it tries to do everything as easily and efficiently as possible. On the other hand, you might say that the mind is lazy, because when given the choice, it usually picks the easiest method for us to live. If technology was developed specifically to make work more difficult or demanding or to consume more of...

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Over 65% of the time muscles are inactive

Olli Tikkanen defends his doctoral dissertation Date: October 1, 2014, at 12:00 PM Location: Seminaarinmäki, L 303, University of Jyväskylä, Finland Mr Olli Tikkanen, M.Sc., defends his doctoral dissertation in Science of Coaching and Fitness titled "Physiological loading during normal daily life and exercise assessed with electromyography ". The opponent is Professor Hans Savelberg (Maastricht University, The Netherlands) and the custos is Professor Taija Juutinen...

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Sitting is “IN” (Part 4) – The Digital Age

The popularity of sitting is not entirely due to how easy it is. The internet, television, and videogames are all available in front of you as soon as you take a seat. Sitting is the gateway to the new digital age - the digital age that has consumed us all. All the knowledge in the world these days can be...

Read More is “IN” (Part 2) – The Past
Sitting is “IN” (Part 2) – The Past

Have you ever thought about how things used to be? Only a few decades ago people walked or biked to work and school. Our grandparents did their work with their hands and their feet, not with their "sitting muscles". Children played outside and climbed trees rather than spending their evenings in front of the television or the computer. Coffee was...

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It is #simple to improve your #health. #Standup is “IN” (Part 1) – Do You Sit?
#Sitting is “IN” (Part 1) – Do You Sit?

Think for a moment about your typical day. You awake in the morning and sit at the kitchen table for breakfast. Perhaps after that you walk a few meters to your car and drive to work - where you sit. Lunchtime is great because you can take a break from the stress of work and you can get away from...

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Have we #forgotten the value of #exercise and its #natural place in our #lives? Motorized Commute – Sedentary Kilometers
The #Motorized #Commute – Sedentary Kilometers

While the decrease in daily energy expenditure in our working environments can explain, in part, the obesity epidemic, the other parts of our daily life are not without blame. At work we sit and move primarily just our fingers, so maybe it is a good idea to increase our daily energy expenditure via our daily commute. Unfortunately, during the last 35...

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