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The First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 1) First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 1)

The First Steps to the Everyday Exercise Revolution (Part 1)

“Natural” is the ‘in’ word and current trend. Perhaps the popularity of “natural” stems from a certain form of yearning; yearning for “the old days”, when people lived in harmony with the land and the land was respected and directed our decisions every day.

At the same time, this popularity describes our true life. We no longer feel that we are part of nature, rather we have to find this relationship on our own. A gap has grown between our current lifestyle and the way we used to live that has made us think about exercise as a special societal phenomenon that we must find a way to partake in alongside all of the other tasks in our daily lives.

Have we forgotten the value of exercise and its natural place in our lives?

Has the joy of a healthy life been ripped from our hands as a product that we can only buy in order to satisfy our self-esteem like other material goods?

Do we choose to exercise for any other reason than to increase our health, energy level, and image?

Has the study of exercise and health divided our society into a praised and organized sect of exercisers and a maligned and vague tribe of sedentary people?

Will the desire to use our legs become anything more than a need to belong to this noble and officially physically active part of society?


Arto Pesola
Arto Pesola

Everyday Activity Scientist


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PhD in Exercise Physiology, Author of the 'Revolution of Natural Exercise' book

Some years ago, I was asked about my future plans. Without much of thinking I replied: “I want to make the world a better place where people don’t need to sit so much”. This spontaneous answer was the leading light to finish my PhD degree and forward to new business opportunities in health technology aiming at making life healthier - with less sitting. For my blog posts, I have used material from my book "Luomuliikunnan vallankumous" (engl. The revolution of everyday activity) (Fitra 2014).