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The #Wonders of the #DigitalAge Wonders of the Digital Age

The #Wonders of the #DigitalAge

What about our free time?

Fortunately the amount that people participate in physical activity in their free time has increased, at least according to questionnaires. This has had at least a small positive effect on our bodies that typically suffer from sitting all day. Unfortunately, this is not the whole truth. The more energy that we save from technology and automation, the less we seem to have for physical activity that we used to enjoy. The time that technology has save us in our work life just takes it back during our free time. These days in Finland, watching television is one of the most popular ways to spend free time. During 2012, we watched an average of 3 hours and 3 minutes of television per day. Since 1994 watching television has increased by 46 minutes per day in Finland.

Arto Pesola
Arto Pesola

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PhD in Exercise Physiology, Author of the 'Revolution of Natural Exercise' book

Some years ago, I was asked about my future plans. Without much of thinking I replied: “I want to make the world a better place where people don’t need to sit so much”. This spontaneous answer was the leading light to finish my PhD degree and forward to new business opportunities in health technology aiming at making life healthier - with less sitting. For my blog posts, I have used material from my book "Luomuliikunnan vallankumous" (engl. The revolution of everyday activity) (Fitra 2014).