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Absolution for #Eating – It’s Not About the #Food for Eating – It's Not About the Food

Absolution for #Eating – It’s Not About the #Food

I have news for you:

According to studies, our energy consumption, the amount of food we eat, has actually decreased or stayed the same over the past 20 years. In Finland the results of the large “Finnravinto” study suggested that energy consumption has decreased an average of 20%, which means approximately 600 kilocalories in men and 400 kilocalories in women per day! We consume approximately one BigMac hamburger less energy per day than our parents did. Still, we try to decrease our energy consumption by buying diet cola more than ever before. In actuality, studies suggest that the food that we consume is no less healthy than it has been in the last few decades.

Arto Pesola
Arto Pesola

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Some years ago, I was asked about my future plans. Without much of thinking I replied: “I want to make the world a better place where people don’t need to sit so much”. This spontaneous answer was the leading light to finish my PhD degree and forward to new business opportunities in health technology aiming at making life healthier - with less sitting. For my blog posts, I have used material from my book "Luomuliikunnan vallankumous" (engl. The revolution of everyday activity) (Fitra 2014).