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Male, 49 yo

Fibion Activity Watch Report

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You have the most brisk activity on Thursday! 2019/04 THURSDAY DOER FIBION.COM Standing is your most common activity! 2019/04 FREQUENT STANDEE FIBION.COM
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You burn the most energy on thursday! 2019/04 THURSDAY BURNER FIBION.COM You burn the most energy by walking briskly! 2019/04 WALKING BURNER FIBION.COM
You reached recom- mended sitting time! 2019/04 SMARTLY SEATED FIBION.COM You are promising at breaking up sitting! 2019/04 SITTING BREAKER FIBION.COM You exercise as recommended! 2019/04 EXERCISER FIBION.COM You are a master at breaking up standing! 2019/04 STANDING BREAKER FIBION.COM
Your activity balance is recommended! 2019/04 ACTIVITY BALANCE FIBION.COM
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