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Scale your business outside gym. Show if your customer meets sitting and activity recommendations.

Personal Trainer

Timo Haikarainen

Personal Trainer, MSc in Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing, TH-Valmennus

Personally, I see great potential if a personal trainer can, in addition to the normal exercise guidance, also offer expertise related to everyday activity and avoidance of excessive sitting. We all know that it is difficult to achieve good results in the gym, if everyday lifestyle choices are not supporting health and fitness.

I can foresee considerably better results with customers when also everyday activity is taken into account. Furthermore, for a personal trainer every service they can sell in addition to their typical own counseling hours means more income.

With Fibion, personal trainers can make profitable business targeting everyday activities with evidence-based product.

Fibion enables services covering 24h of life, instead of focusing only on 1h exercise session. Services are independent of gym facilities enabling significant saves in gym memberships for customers and in rents for trainers. Fibion enables personal trainers to produce a wider range of service for bigger customer groups and target audiences.

In addition, Fibion offers profitable, individualized after-sales to consumers based on objectively measured scientific reports. Fibion analysis periods are designed toward long customer relations.

How do you scale your business outside the gym and appointment hours?

People want to live a healthy lifestyle. However, the challenge is that the majority of population is not exercising or does not want to exercise. In fact, even 57% of American adults do not meet the physical activity guidelines, even if they would like to. What is the matter?

The most reported reason for not exercising is the lack of time. Instead of reflecting really the lack of time, people rather perceive the current exercise services so demanding, boring, and irrelevant for their current lifestyle that they prefer not to use their time to them despite of the obivious benefits.

Breaking free of dependencies

The problem in scaling current personal trainer services is that they are location and service dependent. In addition, the current services are targeted at people that have already adopted a healthy lifestyle, because these services consist of exercising at intensities and locations (e.g. gym), which are out-of-reach for a person disliking exercising. Thus, scaling personal trainer services requires location-independent approach with focus on everyday activities, rather than exercising.

Personal Trainer sees considerably better results with customers when also everyday activity is taken into account.

For a personal trainer Fibion offers an evidence-based tool to extent her coaching on the healthy everyday sitting and physical activity routines of the already active and to-be active consumers. More effective service for a bigger customer group means more income with less appointment hours.

Key Advantages

  • Profitable, scalable business that is location-independent
  • More income as Fibion assessment takes less time than individual tuition
  • Expert status of everyday activity as Certified Fibion Activity Coach
  • Service also for unfit and people who dislike exercise
  • Objective, evidence-based information of healthy sitting and everyday physical activity
  • In-built sitting and physical activity recommendations supporting a trainers professional advice

Product for other than fitness enthusiasts

The newest scientific findings from the field of sedentary behavior research have highlighted the importance of reducing prolonged sitting even in people fulfilling the current exercise recommendations. For personal trainers this means that even their already active consumers are not immune to the health hazards of sedentary lifestyle.

Reducing prolonged sitting is important even for people fulfilling the exercise recommendations.

Considering the everyday activities in addition to the structured exercise session has the potential to speed up the gains in fitness results, ease the weight loss and maintenance, and stabilize the long-term behavior change.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Timo Haikarainen says:
Even a modest increase of everyday activity is a start towards a healthier life

Often people start their health improvement project too intensively in the beginning. They are thinking that I am now in the square 1 and I need to get to the square 100 as quickly as possible, whether the motivation is the approaching beach weather, a new dress in mind, or a marathon with the buddies. When you do too much too quickly, your body is not recovering well and exercise becomes a drag.

It is important to remember that when starting health improvement after a long-while, even a moderate amount of exercise is enough. Unfortunately, many people believe that all lifestyle changes related to nutrition and exercise has to be made extreme and it needs to result in a lot of pain before gain. Naturally, this is very far from the truth.

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Weight Management and Weight Loss Consultants

The far most important element of the total daily energy expenditure is the low intensity activity performed throughout the days.

Weight Management

Annika Rak

CEO, Cambridge Weight Plan Finland

We help people in dieting through a great product, motivating coaching and a tried and tested steps program. We encourage people to increase their physical activity in small and simple steps. We start with lower intensity everyday activities. As our clients lose weight exercising becomes easier and therefore more rewarding.

We all know that maintaining weight is easier for people who are active. Fibion is a great tool for motivating people to make permanent changes in their activity routines. We are also very satisfied with the hands-on education and lecturing Fibion offers about the science and business possibilities of everyday activity.

Essentially, with Fibion the goals can be set on the small daily actions, in addition to the weight loss outcomes. These low threshold actions are possible even for severly obese to whom many high intensity exercise modalities are not possible or safe.

Lifestyle changes, that will decrease the loss of muscle mass and increase energy expenditure, can be verified accurately. This again increases the commitment to the weight loss plan and supports long lasting behavioral changes.

Considering physical activity in parallel with dieting will make weight loss healthier and easier to maintain.

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions

Fibion can help to deliver effective service in the cases of post-operative rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders, and low back pain.


Liis Kukkonen

Physiotherapist, MSc in Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions, Physiotherapy Oiva

From my practical experience the most difficult thing with many patients is the adherence to rehabilitation regimen and physical inactivity of their daily life.

Fibion enables accurate tracking of all physical activity in ambulatory conditions and I can see tremendous potential among physiotherapy as physical activity, in its many forms, is the most important factor to recover from injury or surgery and stay functional throughout the life.

That’s why Fibion can provide great tool for physiotherapists. In addition, I don’t mind the extra income I can make with Fibion assessments.

For physiotherapists Fibion offers more holistic approach to rehabilitation as it provides possibility to assess also activities and exercise people do outside the appointment hours.

Fibion provides accurate and objective data of everyday activity and is unrivalled method for weight management and obesity as it provides low threshold actions that are possible even for severely obese to whom many high intensity exercise modalities are not possible or safe.

Concrete and easy-to-attain Fibion Action Plan based on objective data can be used to change physical activity behaviour of the patient with a goal-driven approach.

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Hospitals and Healthcare Specialists

Objective data about daily physical activity behavior can be used to support decision-making and to affect modifiable risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and several other chronic diseases.

Medical Doctor

Harri Selänne

Chief Physician MD PhD Specialist in Sports Medicine, Mehiläinen Sports Medical Clinic

Fibion is doing important work in unfolding more knowledge about adverse health effects of inactivity and excessive sitting. Getting people more active is economical and very effective way to prevent several chronic diseases. Objective data about physical inactivity and activity of the patient is the first step to be able to change behaviour.

Furthermore, having possibility to verify changes, not only gives doctor crucial information, but also encourages and motivates patients really to change their physical activity lifestyle patterns.

As long as the tools to support long-term lifestyle changes lack medical accuracy or on the other hand require throughout familiarization, it is hard to foresee any changes in the current practice.

Fibion provides accurate and objective data of sitting time and continuous uninterrupted sitting periods that have many adverse effects to health.

Giving the patient understandable information about her health status, giving her evidence-based recommendations and on the other hand providing her opportunities to set individual goals for relevant lifestyle modifications are methods to maximize the adherence.

Corporate Wellness and Occupational Healthcare

Traditional corporate wellness services have the problem that they are targeted to adopters of healthy lifestyle, but ones needing the change most are not reached.

Corporate Wellness

Sari Palenius

Director, Aava Wellbeing Clinics

Excessive sitting and lack of physical activity is one of the biggest problems in the office environments. For the first time with Fibion it is possible to accurately assess the activity behaviour both during work and during free time.

With this information it is easy to create individual action plan for the employees and also to make more active work place by making small modifications to office environment. For our customers it is also important that can verify the effectiveness of intervention accurately.

Long sickness leaves, early retirement and demotivated employees are the result of ignoring the practices promoting active and healthy office routines.

Fibion service provides easily implemented, research-based lifestyle screening and goal-driven behavior change model fitting the needs of also those disliking the long-seen exercise evenings.

Good news for office employee is that even with very small changes in the daily routines it is possible to achieve significant health benefits. Reducing excessive sitting in everyday life is the best way to promote the health of a large group of people.

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Scientists and Researchers

Fibion beats scientific research in accuracy of estimating energy expenditure.

Medical Doctor

Sulin Cheng

Professor, Head of Exercise, Health and Technology Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

In our research, it is important to form the whole range of physical activities of our study subjects. It is not enough just to track fitness and exercises, as commute and everyday activity might be more important to the personal health in many cases.

For our project, Fibion provided a top-notch professional solution to measure also sitting time and low intensity physical activities. We have been very happy with the equipment and the service they provided.

In our own study at Fibion, we compared Fibion to Actigraph in their ability to estimate energy expenditure using the heart rate as a reference method. The Actigraph is the most common device used in scientific research.

We found that, during simulated walking, running, and cycling activities with 19 subjects, Fibion underestimated energy expenditure by 1.6% as compared to heart rate. However, the Actigraph underestimated energy expenditure by 36.7%.

Thus, Fibion appeared to be more accurate than the Actigraph, which was the most widely utilised device in scientific physical activity research.

Make sure the investment pays itself back.

Test the initial interest in Fibion with your own customers before buying.

Fibion is the first everyday activity report for professionals with sitting and physical activity recommendations.

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